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Découvrez ce miel de Tilleul des Ardennes à l'arôme délicat et mentholé.


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Citadine, 3 portes, Boîte manuelle, Essence sans plomb...

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Le nouveau NIU M+ : 120 km d'autonomie et deux places, c'est une évolution franche du NIU M1 PRO.

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Cape de pluie Adulte 'Falcone'.



Latest opportunities to the travel destination Croatia

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Get the latest interesting events in the travel destination Croatia.

  • Brač Film Festival

    Brač Film Festival is international festival that will be held from 11-14 August 2021 in Supetar, on the island of Brač (Croatia). Festival with its program complements cultural manifestation Supetarsko lito and enriches cultural and truistic offer of the most beautiful island in Croatia. Main program is consisted of screenings for children, feature length program and short films screenings. Sidebar program includes workshops, lectures, exhibitions and after parties.    Main program is held in Summer cinema with carefully selected movies from all over the Europe, whilst short film program is platform for young filmmakers and students from film academies to present their annual production.

  • Fisherman's Evenings in Davor

    /*-->*/ Fisherman's Evenings in August – They are held in Davor, a place where the Bosnian Vrbas river hands its wealth of fish and water to the Sava river. The fisherman's evenings are filled with joy, a good atmosphere and socializing, all honouring the memories of this part of Posavina.

  • St Martin’s day on the Međimurje wine road

    Martinje on the Međimurje wine road is celebrated on the Međimurje hills and wine houses. The must is baptized and young wine is tasted with the expert guidance of winemakers, St. Martin's Day is celebrated in the company of many wine lovers.

  • Around

    What a great way to round up your summer! This unique project will turn your city stroll into an artistic exploration of Zagreb. Interventions by artists will focus on the beauty and potential of forgotten public spaces, and transform the city into a unique outdoor gallery

  • Cest is d' best - international street festival

    Cest is d’Best is the oldest and biggest street festival in Croatia and has taken place in Zagreb since 1997. Over the years it has also become an important international event bringing joy and life to Zagreb streets and squares. It promotes and creates street cultural expression, bonding all generations through its music and street performances.

  • Festival of Lights Zagreb

    Enlighten. Brighten. Light up. Amaze! Incandescence. Luminescence. Illusion. Confusion! Light art is a new discipline that has escaped the confines of museum walls, its artists using as their canvas the city, its buildings, its monuments, the night sky itself. Part art, part design, architecture and entertainment spectacle, the festival both brings you something beautiful to look at and something to make you see your world differently. Festivals of Light are bringing an exciting new dimension to ever more cities around the world, enrobing their famous monuments in vivid hues or using them as an integral part of creative works.    

  • Croatian Grand Chess Tour

    This year, as in 2019, Croatia and the City of Zagreb will host one of the world's most prestigious chess tournaments, Croatian Grand Chess Tour, which will be held from 5th to 12th July at the Congress Center of the National and University Library in Zagreb. With legendary world champions such as Garry Kasparov and Vishy Anand, and challenger for world champion Ian Nepomniachtchi, the Croatia Grand Chess Tour will be filled with top chess. The audience can expect five days of exciting chess through the game of famous world champions and a new wave of top players.


    Second edition of festival will take place at the various locations in the old town of Zadar from 06 -15 of August. The crown of Festival ,that is dedicated to the pop culture of the eighties and the QUEEN band is concert of the Queen Real Tribute band(BG),well known all over the world as one oft he greatest Queen tribute band, with Zadar Chamber Orchestra. Convention includes gastronomic and cultural events; An exhibition “80’s and still rolling”,   by Brian Rasic(GB), world famous rock’n’roll photographer known for his colaboration with David Bowie, Rolling Stones and many other music icons. W8 Street food festival -  inspired by Freddie Mercury’s personal menu described in book „Freddie Mercury's Royal Recipes by Peter Freestone One day themed trips by boat „Star of Kvarner“ at national park Kornati and Zadar aquatorium with the best club arrangements of the Queen and 80's  “Dancing Queen”-  open air[…]

  • Novogradiško glazbeno ljeto

    Nova Gradiška's Musical Summer – The manifestation is held on the main city square and is divided into four theme evenings: rock music, tambura music, popular music and folk music.

  • XCM Petnja

    XCM Petnja - MTB marathon in organisation with BK Festung club

  • Forestland

    From hilly Vučetinec, to wooded Brezje, Forestland has been on a journey towards the future, forest, freedom and art since 2013. From a friends desire to a project that crosses borders, several years have passed, and today the Forestland Festival is an event that brings together thousands of young people and music lovers of festivals and camping for 48 hours of music, good rhythm and interesting events.

  • Foodballerka

    Foodballerka found its home in the green oasis of Tuškanac When you step into our green heaven, everything is possible. Foodballerka is a place in Zagreb to be during the football fever from June 11 to July 12. This year, this famous Festival found its home on the old Cibona basketball court located in Tuškanac. As an oasis of good music and vibes, twenty DJs, and many bands will lift your spirits up. And when outdoors, one can get hungry. But don’t worry, this is a heaven of good food as well. Have a go with burgers by Institut za burgere by Mate Janković, Indian flavours by Namaste, El Toro with their proven recipes, or Chef kuha doma, Asian Garden by Marko Palfi, as well as brilliant desserts by Le Kolač and their virtuoso Robert Hromalić. And when Croatian football team is playing, Grill&Chill by Lidl will be a flavourful reinforcement offering delicious barbecue specialties. On Wednesdays you can participate on our event[…]

  • Zrinski Art Festival

    It is an international festival of innovative artistic practices - Čakovec autochthonous and urban concept of gallery - guerrilla art, which has occupied several locations in the city through multiple programs, art installations, exhibitions and concerts. With this concept, this year's Zrinski Art Festival is included in the international celebration of the 160th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. In terms of program and organization, it connects with the Dr. Rudolf Steiner Center in Donji Kraljevec and with friends of Steiner's legacy and science from several European countries.

  • RetrOpatija

    RetrOpatija is a musical time machine in which swing, rockabilly, rock, jazz and electric disco music merge together to create a fantastic party dedicated to the key decades and musical styles of the twentieth century. This retro festival brings together excellent Croatian and foreign musicians, pin-up models, dancers, jugglers, street musicians, makeup artists and hair stylists, and presents vintage cars and motorcycles, such as Vespas, Tomos and Fiats. Dance at the hot ‘party of the century’ beneath a large disco ball together with thousands of other visitors.

  • Alka of Sinj

    The Sinjska alka is an equestrian competition which has been held every first Sunday in the month of August in town of Sinj, Croatia since 1715,commemorating the victory over Ottoman Turks. It consists of an equestrian competition, in which various horsemen attempt to aim their lances at a hanging metal ring (alka) at full gallop. In 2010 it has been inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Alka is also the name of the object used in the tournament, made of two concentric ring. The contestant-„alkar“- rides his horse down the race track and tries to hit the central ring with his spear in full gallop. Depending on which part of the alka he hits,receives points from 1 to 3,and no points if he misses. Only men born in Sinjska krajina can take part in the Alka. The "Duke of Alka“ is a ceremonial title representing the commander.The costumes worn[…]

  • Hideout Festival

    Hideout Festival is the leading electronic music festival in Europe. Set on the island of Pag, Croatia, six open air stages will once again play host to the best in electronic music. Now in its tenth year, Hideout Festival continues to demonstrate its versatility and draw for major and up coming artists alike across the electronic music spectrum. With Croatia now a globally recognised destination for dance music, Hideout Festival is at the forefront of the scene. With ten incredible years of stand out line-ups spanning the whole spectrum of electronic music, Hideout has become one of the definitive European dance music events in the calendar. Whether it's music or adventure Hideout caters for all, providing the ultimate summertime experience for fans and newcomers alike.

  • Biograd Boat Show

    Biograd Boat Show is the largest boat show not only in Croatia but also in Central Europe. The show gathers more than 300 registered exhibitors and 300 boats, and presents more than 1,500 charter boats. During the show, numerous accompanying lectures and seminars on various topics from the field of business, education, social sciences, sports and recreation take place. Biograd Boat Show is a Gold Member of the IFBSO, the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers. The boat show became internationally recognized thanks to Croatia's significance as a sailing destination and impressive facilities, including the Kornati Marina, Ilirija Resort Hotels, restaurants and entertainment amenities, as well as high quality food and entertainment programs lasting long into the night.

  • Dalmacija Ultra Trail

    October is the perfect time for active holidays in Dalmatia, and the ideal way of sightseeing the most attractive places is participating in Dalmacija Ultra Trail.  Five mountains - Biokovo, Mosor, Omiška Dinara, Primorska Kosa, Kozjak, three rivers - Cetina, Žrnovnica, Jadro, historical and cultural hotspots like Fortica and Klis fortresses, as well as remains of ancient city Salona will all be connected in one long haul by the race taking place on 15th - 17th of October.  While passing the trails of Dalmacija Ultra Trail you will be time travelling. You start the race with the blast of pirates` gun, travel through the Classical period, go to battle from old fortress, pass through the abandoned villages of Croatian peasants, enjoying the Dalmatian karst, as well as beautiful views of sea, rivers and canyons.  Main event place is the city of Omiš. Famous for its history of piracy, nowadays it[…]

  • Advent in Varaždin

    Romantic, intimate, brimming with holiday aromas and the fairy-tale atmosphere of the historical city centre.The rich music, cultural and entertainment programmes, the luscious and innovative culinary offer and the myriad activities for all taste buds and guests of all ages, make the holiday season even more merry and bright, and Varaždin an even more dazzling place to be.

  • Lepoglava International Lace Festival

    An important element of Lepoglava Lace promotion is the International Lace Festival that takes place every September. The Lace Festival unites all lace centres across Croatia in addition to numerous European ones. The Festival is a place where all participants can showcase their lacemaking skills through a variety of workshops, presentations, professional gatherings and cultural events. It is a place where lace appears in virtual and traditional forms in addition to various contemporary art installations. Since 2009 Lepoglava Lace has held a place on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


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