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  • Papuk Extreme Challenge

    How to connect 7 different sports and 11 races in just 2 days? How to combine sport, gastronomy, nature and culture into one? How to break the myth of flat Slavonia and create an event that not only Slavonia, but also whole Croatia has never seen before and attract 5000 people to the small town of Orahovica and the Nature Park Papuk? The young team of the Orahovica Swimming Club together with ten more clubs form all around Croatia, found an answer to these questions, Papuk Extreme Challenge! This huge manifestation will be held from 08.06. until 09.06.2019. The main event of this festival is the Croatian Championship in Cross Triathlon, which is a qualification race for the World Championship in Denmark. Along with sport events that will be held form Friday to Sunday (trail and trekking, cycling races, long-distance swimming, races with obstacles and more) there will be various cultural[…]

  • The Days of Zvonimir

    The Summer of Zvonimir consists of a buildup of medieval reenactments at Knin’s Fortress called The Days of Zvonimir. Throughout these events locals and visitors alike have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and tradition of The City of Croatian Kings – Knin. The Summer of Zvonimir includes activities such as art shows, workshops and local and regional handcraft. The visitor can expect a full 11th Century experience consisting of archery, sword fightingand the forgotten crafts. We also include a series of live performances presenting The arrival of the King and Queen ( Zvonimir and Jelena), Knight’s Tournament and the infamous Night’s Siege of the Fortress (catapult attack and fire show). We are happy and privileged to bring you these manifestations which are becoming highly sought after traditional event in Croatia.

  • Pannonian Challenge

    Pannonian Challenge, the most famous extreme sports event and the most recognizable brand of Osijek, was founded in 1999 and has been the center of alternative culture for the last 20 years. Pannonian started out small with just a few skaters jumping around and doing tricks. Every year it grew a little bigger, so Pannonian Challenge XIV had to move from the skate park to the Copacabana. The new location offers a bigger park and more space for the bleachers that our many visitors will enjoy. Thanks to them, Pannonian is right now one of the most significant extreme sports events in the region. Aside from the extreme sports, Pannonian is also a host to many eminent music icons that are a part of the night program. Every year this festival is getting closer and closer to the top of extreme sports events.

  • Days of Antiquity - Pula Superiorvm

    The 17th Festival of Antiquity - Pula Svperiorvm is a response to the need for creating a recognizable music and theater program and educational event, bringing visitors closer to this great period of the three-thousand-year-old history of Pula and its surroundings. This year's Days of Antiquity - Pula Svperiorvm bring an incredible program full of exciting events. The festival venue is the central Roman square - Forum, the area in front of the excellently preserved Temple of Augustus and the Town Hall, which form a perfect background for the rich festival program. This year the music and theater program will be held on May 24, May 31, June 7, June 14 and June 15 from 6 pm to 10 pm and May 25, June 1, June 8 and June 15 from 10 am to 1 pm.   Especially attractive parts of the festival are gladiator fights, held in the Arena[…]

  • Varaždin Baroque Evenings

    Baroque music has been persistent in Croatian baroque capital and former capital city for almost fifty years. Varaždin Baroque Evenings (VBE) is held in autumn, mainly in churches and palaces, but not only in Varaždin – the festival had overgrown the city boundaries since 1971 when the first three-day-long festival was held. Now it is a two-week festival with thirty concerts, performed by few hundreds of musicians in front of approximately ten thousand people from all over the world. It is renowned as a European and world-famous early music festival. Concerts are now held mostly in Northwestern Croatia, but VBE had been a guest in numerous European countries. Our slogan is “Varaždin Baroque Evenings – more than music”. It includes numerous accompanying events – from the flower show in Varaždin Old Castle, book promotions, exhibitions, and festive gastronomy events. From last year we have presented some new content – rock-baroque[…]

  • International organ festival Ars organi Sisciae

    International organ festival Ars organi Sisciae has been presenting valuable organ heritage of Sisak diocese for the last thirteen years. Traditionally festival is taking place every year at the beginning of May and 2019th edition will take place from 4th until 13th of May. We have been following the organ tradition of Sisak diocese since the 18th century. Numerous valuable instruments that were a part of historical cultural heritage were destroyed during the Homeland war in Croatia and many of the preserved instruments are currently in a very bad condition, crying for urgent restoration.  However, some instruments have been preserved by the parishes and recently restored to give evidence of our rich and valuable cultural heritage.   The Parish Church of St. John Nepocemus is a newly built church in a 220-year-old Parish of Glina, a historical city where the famous Croatian leader Josip Jelačić used to govern and where[…]

  • Little Night Regatta

    On August 10, starting at 10 PM Postira, a village on island of Brač right accros Split will host Little Night Regatta, in its port. It's a unique sailing event, possible only because of the gažul (pron. gazhool), air stream that refreshes Postira harbour during summer. Little night regatta starts by playing The Little Night Music by Mozart. A century old tradition was revived thirteen years ago by musician Mladen Max Juričić and sport sailog Igor Piacun, supported by the Postira Tourist Board and Postira Municipality. Since then it has become a really spectacular event usually with more than 1500 spectators, big sailing fleet in competition, and a big party afterwards that usually lasts all night long.

  • Days of Diocletian

    Days of Diocletian bring Split back in time when the famous Roman emperor Diocletian walked the city. Roman legions are lined on the city streets, Emperor Diocletian, together with a parade of the Roman legions and carriages is passing Riva and Peristyle where Diocletian co-rulers with his family greet the crowd. Sounds of fanfares, drums and Roman music are in the city. In the city center and on streets, along with street performers, you can enjoy concert and dance program and rich gastronomic offer from the time of Emperor Diocletian.

  • Fužine 2 Sea MTB Marathon

    The race got its name over the longest trial on this event F2S80 that starts in a deep woods of Gorski kotar, climbs to magnificent viewpoints towards Kvarner islands, sharply goes down to Crikvenica and seashore with more than 20 celsius degree difference from where you’ve started. Hellish downhill single trail and then immediately challenging and demanding climb back. Remaining 2 trails - F2S50 and F2S30 - are designed for enjoyment. Pure MTB delight. You don’t want to miss Fužine 2 Sea.

  • Battle of Pirates

    In one segment of their history the pirates of Omiš ruled the Adriatic Sea. Every fleet feared their attack. They were particularly “fond” of the Venetian ships which they frequently intercepted along the route to their trading destinations. Indeed, Omiš was the only thorn in the side of Venice on its rise to world domination. Documents show that pirates of Omiš were building ships which remain unique in the history of the shipbuilding industry to this day. Needless to say, the folk of Omiš are very proud of them. With this manifestation - which also includes guests from Korčula – the “Moreška” Society of St. Cecily, and from the town of Klis – the “Uskoci” – they pay tribute to their history, and delight all those present.

  • Festival of Salt

    A unique salt festival is held in Nin’s salt pans, one of the most exceptional European salt pans where salt is still produced in a traditional way, hand harvesting and packing. Festival is interesting for its competitions, antique and other food, entertainment program and all of it around salt as main ingredient. Visitors can discover all benefits of salt, usage in cosmetics and skin care, as well as in cooking, while having a good time.

  • Delmates vs Romans Match

    The idea of a match review between the Delmates and the Romans is based on the historical facts related to the tombstone of Gaius Laberius. In order to promote the theory about the origins of football in this area, the freelance artist Dean Poljak made a replica of the tombstone and created a game adapted to the time the original stele dates from. The match is in fact a theatrical performance of comic character, played by the invented rules which are inspired by the spirit of ancient times. The leading roles belong to Emperor Diocletian and Empress Prisca with their advisers, surrounded by guards and soldiers and in this way separated from the field, where there are bandsmen, a referee and players, ten of them in both teams, that of the Delmates and of the Romans, all of them dressed in authentic costumes.

  • Salsa Beach Splash Festival

    Salsa Beach Splash Festival is the largest open-air dance show which takes place at July in the Solaris hotel village. Part of the dance evenings takes place in the old city centre of Šibenik as well. The festival brings together over 1000 dance enthusiasts as well as over 200 instructors from around the world including world famous dancers and choreographers. It offers its visitors 7 days of excellent entertainment.

  • RetrOpatija

    RetrOpatija is a musical time machine in which swing, rockabilly, rock, jazz and electric disco music merge together to create a fantastic party dedicated to the key decades and musical styles of the twentieth century. This retro festival brings together excellent Croatian and foreign musicians, pin-up models, dancers, jugglers, street musicians, makeup artists and hair stylists, and presents vintage cars and motorcycles, such as Vespas, Tomos and Fiats. Dance at the hot ‘party of the century’ beneath a large disco ball together with thousands of other visitors.

  • Velebit 100 miles

    Velebit Ultra Trail is a race that every runner should have in their sports biography, and every fan of exotic travel as the location you have to visit in your lifetime. The race passes through unique natural surroundings of Paklenica National Park where every upcoming kilometre brings a new surprise. All the hardships and fatigue are eased by the stunning vistas of Velebit, and the greatest reward for those who reach the goal is certainly swimming in the warm azure water of the Adriatic.

  • Dalmatiner MTB Marathon

    Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2019 is heading south to sunny Dalmatia, to Vodice for MTB Marathon named Dalmatiner. This is a new race in 2019.  Vodice has been well known among mountain bikers for a long time. Well indented coastline, which in this part of Dalmatia doesn't descend to the sea as it does in other parts, has formed the landscape of scattered limestone hills covered with mostly low coniferous vegetation. The shore is here overflowed by paths, trakways and macadam. These macadam roads will lead you to olive trees, pastures, maybe even a vineyard.  There are no epic uphill and downhill paths, but you'll feel playful, going up and down all the time. That's why Vodice has a strong MTB scene. And it's full of champions.  And believe us - when you come to Vodice for a race, you'll feel like a part of the world MTB elite. There[…]

  • SUPer Surfers Challenge Poreč – Lanterna

    The fifth edition of the Croatian SUP Elite race will take place on the Lanterna peninsula in Poreč. The SUPer Surfers Challenge Poreč – Lanterna is a unique competition in this area – an international stand up paddle Elite race and race in the CRO SUP Tour calendar. The most experienced stand up paddlers will participate in a 14-km-long regatta from the Valamar Isabella Island Resort in Poreč to the Valamar Club Tamaris in Lanterna. Recreational athletes and enthusiasts, as in previous years, will have the opportunity to participate in the Fun SUP regatta, the SUP eights speed paddling, or the SUP Pol tournament.

  • Festival of Sand Sculptures

    One of the Lopar’s distinct characteristics, in comparison with the other tourist destinations, must certainly be its beautiful beaches, 22 of them. Sand is a sort of a Lopar „souvenir“, and its special „promotion“, and a successful one at that, is the Festival of Sand Sculptures, when Lopar beaches become the centre of creation of unusual sand art, and the only components used are sand and water. Apart from the best sculptures, the best photographs are also awarded prizes with the theme of Lopar sand. The enthusiasm of the passers-by and swimmers which pass by the sculptures every day in large numbers, is our motivation to organize the Festival every year.

  • Days Of Herbs On Dugi Otok

    Dugi otok is proud of its uniqueness, perfect purity of the sea and air. We cherish and appreciate nature and our visitors are  breathless before the enchanting scenes hidden in the picturesque towns and secluded beaches, in front of the magnificent cliffs and lush vegetation!  With the aim of "revealing secrets"of  Dugi otok during the period from 18.05.2019. to 25.05.2019., we are holding the " Days of herbs from Dugi otok!" It is an  ideal opportunity for our visitors to learn about Dugi otok in more detail way and to experience the magic of untouched nature that Dugi otok is so proud of! Creatively designed seven-day program includes something for everyone, whether you're interested in medicinal herbs, culinary experiences, cultural heritage, or just a walk in the nature in the fresh air and good company! Welcome!

  • Dubrovnik International Opera Festival

    The festival is named after and organized in the memory of the world famous tenor Tino Pattiera, one of the major singers at the opera houses both in Europe and worldwide in the first half of the 20th century. The International Operatic Aria Festival Hommage Tino Pattiera was founded aiming to become another permanent operatic event in our city, to complete the operatic milieu of Dubrovnik, and to present the most beautiful operatic output of the greatest composers to its audiences. 


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