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  • The days of Kajkavian word Zlatar

    "The days of Kajkavian word" are events that nourish Kajkavian culture and tradition, and are held in late September continuously since 1970. in Zlatar, picturesque town in the northeastern part of the Croatian Zagorje. Through a series of entertainment, cultural, ethnic and sports facilities brings together participants of all ages. Choir of small poets, Festival of children's Kajkavian songs, presentations of old crafts and customs of Zagorje "Pajdaško sprehajanje", exhibitions of traditional crafts, cuisine and handicrafts, art exhibitions, concerts, plays and sports events during ten days will suit every visitor's needs.

  • Grape Harvest

    “Grape harvest” manifestation is a presentation of old grape harvest customs with old tools of our ancestors. Manifestation has evolved from a simple fact: one seasonal job, grape picking, evolved to a ceremony which celebrates plenitude and related joy of living in this little corner of our country.

  • Omiš half-marathon

    Tourist Board of Omiš organizes recreational race and half-marathon in the Cetina river canyon, regarding World Tourism Day. The races are organized in cooperation with the City of Omiš, Omiš Marathon Swimming Association and Omiš Athletic Club. There are a few races organised: Half-marathon – the participants will run 5,247 km upstream through the Cetina river canyon four times (total lenght: 21,097 km). Recreational race – the participants will run 3 km upstream along the flatland route through the Cetina river canyon and back to the starting location-Poljicki trg square. Children race Polygon for the youngest - sports and recreational program for the children ages 3 to 12.

  • Lošinj half marathon

    The Athletic Club Lošinj gathers numerous competitors at the 9th Lošinj semi-marathon, which will run long Lošinj trails.The race will be carried out basing on the competitive rules of the Croatian Society for running on street and in the mountain HUCIPT.

  • Latin sail days

    The mission of Latin sail days is affirmation of original values and education of young generation in a special way of life. Latin sail days are organized thru the whole mounth of September, there are different educational workshops, cultural evenings, occasional lectures, concerts going on. Latin sails days end with Latin sail regata, which will be organized on September 29th this year.

  • Istria Granfondo

    Note the dates 18. - 20. October 2019. and sign up for the international cycling marathon Istria Granfondo. The eighth edition of the marathon with the start and finish line in Umag and Novigrad will offer an even richer program this year.  The real challenge comes on Saturday, in Umag, on the routes for the bold and physically fit. Choose between the 91 km long route of Istria Granfondo Small and 127 km long route ofIstria Granfondo Classic. Granfondo Classic passes through the central part of the Istrian peninsula, and returns to Northwest Istria.  On Sunday, Istria Granfondo Family & Gourmet Tour will take you on a 25 km long recreational ride around Novigrad and its surroundings, along the shore, through olive groves and vineyards. Cyclists will enjoy the views and tastings of Istrian dishes at the refreshment stops. 

  • Bela Nedeja

    The first Sunday and Monday in October in Kastav are traditionally dedicated to sampling new belica white wine, a typical variety of the Kastav region. Apart from being a festival of new wine, the Bela Nedeja is a historical and cultural event with a long tradition in Kastav. It includes a fair of new wine, presentations of traditional crafts, a marketplace, a rich gastronomic offering and interesting cultural events. The Bela Nedeja celebrates the cultural heritage of the local area by presenting local folk tradition, old customs, dances, games, crafts and other traditional elements in a modern context. Every year introduces new attractive programmes with the aim of making this unique festival even more appealing to visitors.

  • Ethno - Eco - Fast Festival Kumrovec

    Presentations of customs and staging of the lifestyle in Kumrovec and the surroundings at the beginning of the 20th century are organized. Next to the music and dancing events in the ambience of the old Zagorje village, an exhibition and sales of the autochthon foods and other products are held. As part of the event, on the 1st September (Saturday) the staging of the Zagorje wedding will be held, showing the course of the traditional wedding of the Kumrovec region (from proposal of the bride, engagement, wedding, to the removal of the corolla - the moment when the bride becomes a young woman). The entire course of the wedding ceremony takes place according to the old customs of the Kumrovec area during transition from the 19th to the 20th century.

  • International Prosciutto Festival – Drniš

    Town of Drniš and Association of Drniš Prosciutto producers are organizing the sales-exhibition “International Prosciutto Festival – Drniš” which will take place on 23/24 August 2019 in Drniš with the aim of promoting this royal product widely known for its excellent taste and quality. Manifestation’s program includes the competition in cutting prosciutto, entertainment program, sports competitions.

  • Changer Meetup

    CHANGER MEETUP is a unique cultural and touristic event taking place on several locations in old town Šibenik. The focal point of CHANGER MEETUP are five three-day programs (CHANGER MEETUP CONFERENCE, CHANGER MEETUP MULTIMEDIA, CHANGER MEETUP STREET ART, CHANGER MEETUP PLAYGROUND and CHANGER MEETUP MUSIC) that will gather the most significant local and regional changers in the area of their action (from business to art). Having the fact that good food changes our perspective of the world in mind, residents and visitors of Šibenik will be able to enjoy a brand new gastronomic experience entitled Four Croatia – a gastronomic CHANGER MEETUP FOOD & FUN.

  • Dubrovnik Summer Festival

    Dubrovnik Summer Festival is undoubtedly the largest and most representative cultural manifestation, not only in Dubrovnik, but in all of Croatia. It is held since 1950 and lasts every year from 10 July to 25 August.

  • Summer on Gradina

    After the spectacular opening of the Summer on Gradina, with the flame of 5,000 candles, August also brings us a rich cultural and entertaining programme within the walls of Trsat Castle. On the first day of August there will be a concert of Rijeka's favourite singer Marko Tolja, who held his first solo concert exactly at Trsat Castle. The play What do you mean I'm not here? with Filip Juričić and Amar Bukvić in the main roles brings a story about two friends who want to go to the seaside but encounter numerous obstacles on the way, takes place on 4 August at 9 pm. This year, the days of visual culture and communication - Gradina no limit returns again as part of the Summer on Gradina. Within the mentioned event, several artists will create unique works of art in the area of Trsat Castle. The unique and powerful vocals[…]

  • Nights of Rijeka Squares and Beaches

    The already unavoidable summer programme, Nights of Rijeka Squares and Beaches, has prepared a rich entertainment programme on many locations in Rijeka for the month of August as well. The musical programme Thursdays on Kobler will host numerous performers: Daria Štakić duo, By The Way band and Love Runners. Pavlinski Square will be reserved for "light" melodies, and Karolina Riječka Pier will continue with the Gastro Fishermen's Night. Live music, organized by the bar Kancelarija, awaits you in Ivan Klobučarić Square, while the terrace in front of the Hotel Continental will host jazz and evergreen evenings. Art Workshops, Book Evenings and Music Evenings are part of the programme at the most beautiful city locations - Rijeka beaches.

  • Exhibition Marc Chagall: Colours of Love

    The exhibition of works by the Belarusian-French Modernist painter Marc Chagall, the first of its kind in Rijeka and organised in cooperation with the Rebel Kolektiv, is open to the public until 4 September 2019 at the Kortil Gallery, a constituent of the Croatian House of Culture in Sušak. The exhibition is a sort of retrospective of Chagall's graphic opus, which spanned 65 long and incessantly creative years from the early 1920s to the 1980s. In addition to capturing the truly impressive creative lifespan of the renowned Chagall, what makes the exhibition in Rijeka particularly interesting is that it puts on display the artist's last graphic work created shortly before his death. Although certain connoisseurs of culture may have already seen exhibitions of this Modernist artist in Rovinj and Zadar, their artistic curiosity will remain intact because the collection in Rijeka holds a large number of works that have yet[…]

  • Croatian Walking Festival

    On September 7th and 8th, organized by the Lika-Senj Tourist Board, first Croatian Walking Festival will be held in Gospić and Otočac - each town will have 2 routes; one short, one long. September 7th is reserved for Gospić where all participant walkers will conquer two trails- 23 and 30 km long, with a symbolic name - Tesla. After that, on September 8th the manifestation moves to Otočac, on trails named Gacka: short one - 18 km and the longest and most challenging one - 34 km. Final application date is August 28th, and the registration fee includes official t-shirts, start numbers, water, fruit and even transportation between the two cities (for two-day registration fees).

  • International fair in the Medieval Šibenik

    Every year in the month of September in the eve of St. Michael's day a "Fair in the Medieval Sibenik" takes place, a fair for inhabitants and peasants, masters of old Handicrafts and gastronomic specialties.

  • Vinkovci Autumn

    Every year in September, the Vinkovci autumn event marks the beginning of autumn, the season that rewards Slavonians the most for their hard work. This festival brings together all those who are lovers of cultural heritage, dialects and old customs. In the last 50 years of its existence, the Vinkovci autumn event has become more and more enriched and important so that today, it is considered as one of the most important festivals of its kind in Croatia. With this festival, the aim is to get visitors to know more about culture and habits of Slavonian people, their sense of humour and overall Slavonian lifestyle. The costumes and scenography are themed so that, in the foreground, comes the beauty of the shapes and colours of costumes with the sounds of tamburitza and bagpipes.

  • Traditional Pula X Race - night city race

    You start in front of the ancient amphitheater, admire the Lighting Giants, run through the underground maze of tunnels-Zerostrasse..., then around the illuminated rotor at the entrance to Pula and are finally rewarded for your effort with magnificent medals at the finish line in the Arena. If you're wondering what this is, the answer's obvious. It's the popular Pula X Race- night city race. This year's race offers a 5K and 10K run, and the runners can enjoy the fantastic night views of the city, lighting installations and a completely new experience. Welcome!  

  • Zadar Basketball Tournament

    The sixth edition of the international preseason basketball tournament with a strong Euroleague flavor - Zadar Basketball Tournament will be organized in Zadar in the Krešimir Ćosić Basketball Hall from September 18th to 21st.   The tournament will be attended by BC Zadar and three participants of the strongest Euroleague club competition - the Euroleague - the Turkish champion and Final Four runner-up Anadolu Efes from Istanbul, Khimki from Moscow and ALBA from Berlin.   The most surprising team of last season's Euroleague edition, Turkish Anadolu Efes, features fantastic American Shane Larkin and experienced Croatian international Krunoslav Simon. Himki's coach Rimas Kurtinaitis, a legend of Lithuanian basketball, who played in Zalgiris in 1987 in the legendary basketball hall Jazine, and with his compatriots Arvydas Sabonis, Šarunas Marčiulionis, Valdemaras Homičius and other European basketball players, will have a particularly warm welcome in Sport Centre Višnjik.   Alba Berlin the most prominent[…]

  • Istria Youth Cup

    This year, northwestern Istria will once again be hosting the exciting Istria Youth Cup international football tournament, one of the most important European football tournaments for the U-16 age group. It will bring together the youth teams of some of the best-known international football clubs in Novigrad in October.   So far, FC Bayern München, FC Barcelona, SL Benfica Lisabon, Chelsea FC, Manchester City FC, AC Milan, AS Roma, GNK Dinamo Zagreb and many other renowned clubs have taken part at the tournament. The Istria Youth Cup is also known as the "Future Champions League", as future football stars train here every year. More than 100 young footballers will play 16 matches, which audiences will be able to watch on the pitches of northwestern Istria.   Aside from the competition itself, football fans will be able to take part in various workshops and panel discussions together with well-known figures from[…]


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